SCUFFLES broke out in the so-called ‘communist utopia’ of Marinaleda on Friday when far-right Vox held a party rally in the Andalusian municipality. 

Ahead of the local and regional elections due to be held on May 28 across Spain, the right-wing political party had organised an event involving Jorge Buxade, a member of the European parliament for Vox. 

At around 2pm, however, a group of residents began to shout insults such as ‘fascists’ at the Vox members, as well as voicing cries of ‘Long live the Republic’.

What’s more, when the group of Vox supporters began to march through the Seville municipality, a car passed by them at high speed in a dangerous manoeuvre. 

One Vox supporter was injured in the scuffles, after receiving a blow to the head. 

Eventually the Civil Guard arrived to police the event. 

The far-right group has denounced similar ‘assaults at pre-campaign and campaign events’ in other parts of Spain, including a physical attack by a rapper called Cecilio G. in Catalunya at the end of April at a Vox stand.


Marinaleda Mayor Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo in a file photo.

Marinaleda is famed for its communist mayor Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, who has been in office there for more than 40 years. As well as establishing a cooperative in the town, Sanchez has also occupied military land and expropriated goods from supermarkets.

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