MALAGA is the 64th-best city in the world for best local cuisine, according to a comprehensive 100-city study by online food guide TasteAtlas.

Malaga serves as a magnificent example to represent Mediterranean food in southern Spain, not only because of its super fresh products, but also for the privileged geographical position and climate—and foodies worldwide are taking note as well as the online food guide TasteAtlas.

To calculate the world’s best cities ‘for tasting local food’, TasteAtlas have used its existing data to combine the average online ratings of a city’s best local and national dishes with the average Google rating of the best traditional restaurants in the area.

The capital of the Costa de Sol has a score of 4.40 out of 5, almost ‘outstanding’ in the eyes of Taste Atlas.

The province is fifth placed nationally, with four provinces above it, but with minimal percentage differences.

The best ranked city in Spain for its local cuisine is the capital, Madrid, ranked 30th overall worldwide with 4.48 points, followed by Seville (35th and 4.47), Cordoba (41st and 4.47) and Barcelona (52nd and 4.43).

The best cities in the world to feed yourself, according to this gastro ranking are Florence (4.71) and Rome (4.68), with Italy taking first and second place, and Lima (4.66), third for Peru.

The top 10 is completed by Naples (4th and 4.65), Hong Kong (10th and 4.63), Mexico City (6th and 4.61), New York (7th and 4.60), Paris (8th and 4.60), Tokyo (9th and 4.59) and Milan (10th and 4.59).


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