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Borrowers in Spain face rising mortgage repayments as Euribor shoots up 

RESIDENTS of Spain could see their mortgage payments increase soon thanks to the ongoing rise of the 12-month Euribor. The rate is the most...

Swindlers who conned British home buyers at Murcia’s Trampolin Hills in Spain try to overturn guilty verdicts

TWO men convicted of defrauding British home buyers at Murcia's Trampolin Hills development are challenging the verdicts and prison sentences. Antonio Martinez and his ex-business...

Spanish mortgage victory leaves British couple with €15,000 in their pockets thanks to bank compensation payout

ONCE upon a time a happy English couple (let’s call them the Smiths) who worked very hard in Birmingham all their lives dreamed of...

Tancrede de Pola looks ahead to brighter days after a tricky 2019 for mortgages in Spain

As the new year beckons, there are some positive changes to mortgages in store

Malaga courts struggling to cope with number of floor clause cases

MALAGA is struggling to cope with the thousands of floor clause cases being brought to its courts. The province has the fourth highest number...

Spain’s mortgage registers are on a roll with 16% more this February than the year before

The number of new mortgages has reached a total of 24,887

EC says Spain’s banking sector remains at risk of future bailouts

European Commision has hit out at Spain’s banking sector

Getting the clause out!

The end of hidden minimum interest fees gives thousands of Spanish mortgage holders cause to applause

Word of warning for borrowers in Spain

Buyers are flocking to our shores as the property market is in full swing, Mortgage expert Tancrede de Pola offers a word of warning for prospective borrowers

Spain’s mortgage approval rates at eight year high

June saw more than 17,000 mortgages approved, making it the highest year-on-year increase since 2006

Over half million Spanish homeowners owe more than their property is worth

Mortgages are worth more than many of the properties the loans were intended to pay for
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Mortgage refinancing on borrowed time

The Bank of Spain said that around one in 12 mortgages had been refinanced over the past few years




More bad news for Luis Rubiales as home town of Motril moots stripping him of gold medal honour

THE LOCAL council in the town of Motril has taken the first steps toward stripping disgraced former football chief Luis Rubiales of the ‘gold...


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