Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Couple arrested for trying to smuggle Palestinian boy into Spain inside shopping cart

A MOROCCAN couple have been arrested for trying to smuggle a Palestinian boy into Spain inside a shopping cart.  The unnamed woman, 38, and man,...

Matisyahu performs at Rototom Sunsplash Festival after controversy

The Jewish-American musician has been embroiled in controversy over Palestine and anti-Semitism

A rap for peace… Matisyahu scandal divides opinion

Matisyahu insists that his songs focus on peace and unity

UPDATE: Shamed Spanish festival re-invites axed Jewish singer

The decision comes after criticism from Spanish and American officials

Jewish rapper axed from Spanish festival over Palestine debate

Jewish rapper sacked from reggae festival for refusing to support Palestine

Spain’s Congress votes to recognise Palestine

Congress passed a non-binding motion urging the government to recognise Palestine as an independent state

Spanish government set to vote on Palestine

The Spanish government are set to vote on Palestine following the UK government's decision to recognise a Palestinian state

Spain joins Britain in freezing arms sales to Israel

The suspension is intended to send a diplomatic message

Ship ahoy! From the Spanish slopes to the Gaza Strip…

A boat decked out in the colours of the Palestinian flag has been spotted on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada

Sun sets on Israeli scientists

Israeli scientists kicked out of solar power competition