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Pesticide could spell the end of Red Palm Weevil

Red Palm Weevil's reign of terror could be brought to an end

On the trail of the evil weevil

Eloise Horsfield spent a morning with Antonio Perez, a Ronda tree surgeon who disinfects trees infected by the red palm weevil

You can’t top nature

Find out how these storks are making the most of an environmental disaster

Red palm weevil alert

Palm trees across Andalucia are threatened by the unabated spread of the red weevil

Sexed up weevils are evil

The battle to rid Andalucia of its infestation of red palm weevils


HOSPITAL CASES involving COVID-19 fall below 1,000 for first time in 2021 in Spain’s Valencian Community

HOSPITALISATIONS caused by COVID-19 have dropped into three figures for the first time this year according to Valencian health ministry figures released...