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Fake bank notes totting up to millions of Euros seized from scamming brothers ripping-off sellers in Spain’s Madrid and...

THREE Croatian-Italian brothers who used counterfeit euro notes to con sellers of high-value items have been arrested by the Policia Nacional. The siblings led a...

Leader of giant international crypto scam who scammed ‘many’ Brits and other northern Europeans’ arrested in Palma, Mallorca

A FRAUDSTER has been arrested in Palma de Mallorca accused of the misappropriation of over €100 million through a crypto scam.  The Spaniard, 60, is...

Spain’s Civil Guard busts gang scamming holidaymakers with adverts that were too good to be true

THE SPANISH Civil Guard has busted a gang that was allegedly scamming holidaymakers by offering fake accommodation, as part of an operation dubbed ‘Rent...

Three youngsters in Spain found guilty of the biggest ever fraud against Amazon in Europe

THREE 22-year-olds from Mallorca have been convicted for what has been described as the biggest fraud against online retailer Amazon ever seen in Europe.  The...

Holiday property rental scam exposed in Mar Menor area of Spain

THREE scammers defrauded at least 15 people by taking deposits for bogus holiday properties in the Mar Menor area of Murcia. The trio- who pocketed...

New bank scam dupes victims into revealing their bank details on Spain’s Costa del Sol

POLICE are warning the public in the province of Malaga about a new phishing scam that targets victims via SMS, email and telephone calls. The...

Criminal gang in Spain’s Madrid and Toledo areas stole €250,000 to finance scams by hijacking 140 bank accounts

THE Policia Nacional has arrested 39 members of a criminal gang specialising in banking and financial fraud. The crooks swindled around €250,000 out of 140...
Andalucia gang publish cute photos of Pomeranian puppies to scam online buyers out of €30,000 across Spain

Andalucia gang post cute photos of Pomeranian puppies to scam online buyers out of €30,000 across Spain

THREE people behind an online dog-selling scam have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Cadiz Province. The trio were detained in San Fernando and...

Police bring down criminal gang that scammed tourists in Spain with fake holiday accomodation

TEN people have been arrested for ripping off 300 tourists to the tune of €4 million in a series of accommodation and credit card...

Police arrest culprits behind lottery scam of thousands of euros in Malaga

The Policia Nacional detained six people who between them defrauded €700,000 from 12 victims across Spain, Europe and Australia.




Standout construction: Cadiz boasts Spain’s Longest Bridge

THE longest bridge in Spain can be found in Cadiz, and it goes by the name of the Constitution of 1812 Bridge, or simply...


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