THREE people behind an online dog-selling scam have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Cadiz Province.

The trio were detained in San Fernando and have been charged with 40 counts of fraud after dog buyers never received their new pet.

The total amount scammed is said to be over €30,000.

Images of cute-looking Pomeranian puppies as well as other breeds were posted on a well-known online selling platform to lure in victims.

In the Valencian Community, the Guardia Civil in Castellon got a complaint in November 2020 from a Vilafames resident who paid €600 for a puppy.

He never got the dog or a refund.

The scammers used a variety of bogus names to sell the dogs, and once they got money transferred into their accounts, they cut off all communication with their victims.

It took the Guardia in Castellon over a year to track down where the fraudsters lived after a stream of people were conned across Spain.


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