POLICE are warning the public in the province of Malaga about a new phishing scam that targets victims via SMS, email and telephone calls.

The scam gets mobile phone users’ attention by sending a warning by SMS or email that their bank cards or accounts are being frozen.

Policia Nacional agents report that these messages provide a link to unfreeze the cards, which then connects to a website that looks like the potential victim’s online banking website.

The criminals then call the victims pretending to be their bank.

“The contact seems real, but it is not,” the Policia Nacional said in a statement.

“The only thing the fraudsters want to do is to extract digital signatures bank customers use on their mobile phones – and thus consummate the scam,” it added.

Police advise anyone who get these messages not to click on the link provided and never give out any passwords or banking details.

Instead, they ask people who receive them to go to a branch of their bank they trust that will be able to best advise them.

“Your bank will never ask you for your login details by telephone, SMS or email,” the police statement added.’


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