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Explainer: The Spanish government’s latest tax plans

With regional elections approaching, governments in Spain’s autonomous regions have recently been announcing tax cuts, mostly for the wealthy and some for lower-income households....

Petrol station pump prices in Spain could soar to three euros per litre this summer

PETROL pump prices in Spain might hit €3 per litre this summer according to a service station employers group. Nacho Rabadan, president of CEEES, said:...

High increase in tax collections suggests that Spain is recovering quicker from Covid than expected

THE COVID pandemic and associated lockdowns suffered throughout have had a devastating effect on all industries in Spain. In the aftermath, however, voluntary tax payments...

Spanish YouTube ‘influencers’ flee to Andorra to avoid taxes

By Elena Gogmen Rueda SPANISH YouTube 'influencers’ have been fleeing to Andorra in a bid to avoid taxes - but the authorities have them in...

Green crackdown: owners of polluting cars face fines in Spain’s Catalunya

OWNERS of cars which pollute the atmosphere could face fines in Catalunya, the first Spanish region to consider such plans. Vehicle owners will be penalised...

‘Covid taxes’, hotel deals and the price of a pint – what can Brits expect on holiday in Spain...

THOUSANDS of hotels and restaurants across Spain have reopened in a major boost for the economy. Some 12% of the country’s GDP comes from tourism,...

Director of Larraín Nesbitt Lawyers explains how to re-arrange asset holdings in Spain between family and friends without attracting...

Article by Raymundo Larraín Nesbitt COVID-19 has brought in its wake a host of nasty effects, both direct and indirectly. Directly, by infecting and killing hundreds...

What registering as a resident in Spain means for your taxes

ISSUES surrounding residency and taxation are important to any overseas buyer purchasing a property in Spain.   Ultimately you want to avoid dreaded Double Taxation...

REVEALED: The towns in Malaga province where you pay the least tax

THE average tax bills of citizens in Malaga's different municipalities have been revealed - and the differences are huge. In Malaga city, where the tax...

Spanish cinema figures on the up despite high taxes

The growth comes despite Spain having the highest VAT on cinema tickets in Europe

Bullfighting makes more money in taxes for the Spanish government than cinema

While the government pours money into the cinema industry, revenue from bullfighting remains much higher

Messi ‘fed up with Spain’ and looking to quit Barcelona over threat of jail sentence

La Liga's top goal scorer accused of dodging taxes

Multi-million Luxembourg property company moves to Madrid

Major property company Saint Croix Holding Immobilier relocate to Madrid

Delaying a pension is not always wrong

Deferring your UK State Pension may seem like a crazy idea but there may be method in the madness, writes Richard Alexander

Caveat Emptor, part 2: A short guide to buying a home in Spain

Here's an overview of the expenses that will be coming out of your account to pay for your new home in Spain

Spain cuts airport taxes in bid to boost traffic

AENA slashes fees after air traffic falls

Tax warning for expats in Spain

Brits could be subject to certain hidden taxes which must be declared by November 30

A slap on the wrist for Gibraltar

Government to amend income tax legislation to allow the Rock to offer overseas pensions

Agony Ant: Your legal problems addressed

Let Antonio answer your legal queries





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