By Roger Christian

AT the age of 23 Pablo Picasso moved to Paris to escape the restrictions he felt in Spain.

At the same age a talented young British sculptor has produced a stunning likeness of the famous artist, which could soon go on display at Madame Tussaud.

The artist Alex Carlisle, 23, was asked to have an attempt at a likeness of Picasso during his job as a junior sculptor at the famous waxwork museum in London.

Having recently sculpted models for Dame Judy Dench and new US president Barack Obama it should have been a synch.

“But with them I had the advantage of living models,” he told the Olive Press.

“With Picasso it was just a great deal of research watching grainy TV footage and collecting a mountain of old photographs. But I am pleased with the result.”

Picasso, arguably the world’s most famous artist, was born in Malaga, where he spent his early years.