La Luz Saved

LAST UPDATED: 3 Jun, 2009 @ 08:45
La Luz Saved

EXCLUSIVE – Huge Costa de la Luz golf project shelved

A MASSIVE hotel scheme that would have radically altered a large part of the Costa de la Luz has been scrapped.

The 88 million euro scheme that would have seen the creation of two luxury hotels, various homes and a golf course next to El Palmar beach, has been withdrawn due to “financial reasons”.

“We’re delighted that this hotel at El Palmar is not going ahead – for once, the economy is on our side”

Insisting that the economic climate was not right, the Marsa Riera group revealed that it could not raise the funding needed.

While ecologist groups were overjoyed by the decision, local PP activists insisted the mayor of Vejer had been to blame.

The project, which was first put forward in 2001, was finally passed by the Junta in 2007. Ecologist groups claim that the development beside the Torre Castilnovo is a classic case of “speculative development”.

Greenpeace highlighted the development in its Destruction at all Coasts report in 2006, while hundreds of people protested against it in 2005.

A spokesman for Ecologistas en Accion said: “We’re delighted that this hotel at El Palmar is not going ahead – for once, the economy is on our side.”

She added: “If the authorities want to boost the economy, why don’t they put more money into agriculture and fishing?”

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  1. hollow victory. the project was pulled because of lack of funding…. what happens in 10 years and funding is available? laws should be put in place NOW to stop this from ever raising its ugly head again……. SAVE OUR COASTLINES……..