Too hot to handle?

LAST UPDATED: 30 Jan, 2012 @ 14:42
Too hot to handle?

HOLIDAYMAKERS and businesses will be in need of cool heads more than ever next summer.

For the Spanish Cabinet has risked their wrath by limiting the use of air conditioning in a bid to reduce energy consumption.

In a bid to hit crucial emission targets, and as the climate summit landed in Copenhagen, the government announced that public buildings including shops, bars, airports, cinemas and railway stations will not be able to lower temperatures below 26C.

In the winter, heaters cannot be turned up above 21C.

The latest measures come as part of Spain’s newly unveiled Strategy for Sustainable Economic Growth, due to start next year.

The policy aims to reduce the nation’s reliance on construction, and instead focus on a more sustainable path for economic growth.

Reforms include tax breaks for innovative companies and the promotion of investment in the renewable energy sector.

To achieve its objectives, the government has created a 20 billion euro money pot.


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