Spanish police arrest three over kidnap of British schoolboy

LAST UPDATED: 17 Mar, 2010 @ 13:32
Spanish police arrest three over kidnap of British schoolboy

SPANISH police have arrested three people in connection with the kidnap of a five-year-old British schoolboy while on holiday in Pakistan.

Two Pakistani men and a Romanian were detained by officers in Constanti, a small town near Tarragona, in northeast Spain.

The trio are accused of being part of a gang which charged a ransom fee of 87,000 euros for the release of Sahil Saeed – who was found yesterday in Pakistan.

He was discovered walking, shaven-headed in Punjab province, 20 miles from where he had been kidnapped.

A local Tarragona newspaper revealed that police also took away a large amount of money.

“One neighbour also overheard a police officer commenting that they had discovered the greater part of the ransom,” the newspaper reported.

Two of those arrested are believed to work in the local justice department.

Saeed was snatched by armed raiders as they held his family at gunpoint on March 4.


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