Iceland opening tenth Spanish store in Puerto Banus

LAST UPDATED: 31 Jan, 2012 @ 12:13
Iceland opening tenth Spanish store in Puerto Banus

 IT’S all the way to Number 10 for Iceland.

The supermarket chain is opening its tenth Spanish branch in Puerto Banus this week.

And two more shops are set to open in Tenerife and Vera in the next few months.

“We are also looking for new sites in Estepona, Nerja and La Linea,” revealed boss Garry Richardson, who opened the first shop in Tenerife 13 years ago.

The new store at CC La Alzambra, in Nueva Andalucia, has been a year and a half in the offing. “It is a great location and should do very well,” said Richardson.

It will open on February 16 and will have 7,500 items on the shelves. There is plenty of space for parking.The chain was founded in 1970 and has 800 UK shops.


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  1. Fred, I am 61, and grew up with a spanish dad & irish mum,so real food was a must in my home!
    I grow my own veg, I cook , ´proper´food ALL THE TIME! And actually love cooking it, but the odd sausage is nice now & again!!