Spanish MEP gets stung

LAST UPDATED: 28 Mar, 2011 @ 20:34
Spanish MEP gets stung

SPANIARD Pablo Zalba Bidegain has become the fourth MEP to be caught agreeing to change laws in return for payment.

Zalba was snared after tabling an amendment last month, which used the exact words given to him by reporters at the Sunday Times.

He was offered an advisory board position on a London-based lobby firm where he would be paid 100,000 euros a year.

The European People’s Party politician denies any wrongdoing, despite being recorded twice saying he ‘definitely’ wanted to work for the company.


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  1. The whole political spectrum is full of grasping shysters who only enter politics for what they can wring from the system with no interest in helping those who voted them into office unless it benefits the politician too.