Who will score with the Cristiano Ronaldo of tractors?

LAST UPDATED: 1 Oct, 2011 @ 10:01
Who will score with the Cristiano Ronaldo of tractors?

EVER dreamed of marrying a farmer?

Now one of 12 girls could be lucky in a new series just launched on Spanish TV in which six eligible farmers are looking for a wife.

Similar to the popular British reality series Farmer Wants a Wife, the show has whisked six men off to the countryside in Asturias to help them find the love of their lives, or at the very least a fling.

In a real life romantic comedy 12 girls have been picked to compete for the love of the farmers, who include 39-year-old Luis from Malaga, who studied law before deciding to embark on a career breeding horses.

The show is stealing the headlines thanks to Jonathan, the youngest of the eligible bachelors at just 22, referred to as the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo of tractors’.

According to reports, he mentioned sex more times than you could count on the first show.


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  1. Sounds like great idea! I’ve got this Aunt… my
    Aunt Barbara … who’s a “pretty strong lady”. You know she’s part Italian and part Clydesdale horse. She wants to know if the girl chosen to be the farmer’s wife is expected to pull the plow? RSVP if NO, if YES – don’t bother.