One trillion euro deal helps ease eurozone crisis

LAST UPDATED: 27 Oct, 2011 @ 11:39
One trillion euro deal helps ease eurozone crisis

By James Bryce

EUROPEAN leaders have agreed a deal that they hope will solve the growing economic crisis in the region.

After 10 hours of talks lasting until 3am, a three-pronged agreement was reached which included the main bailout fund being boosted to one trillion euros.

As part of the deal, private banks holding Greek debt were forced to agree to a 50 per cent loss.

Banks will also be required to raise more capital to protect themselves from possible government defaults in the future.

For Spanish banks, this will mean having to raise a total of 26.2 billion euros by next June to reach the EU capital target of nine per cent of their assets.

The Greek government will receive a 100 billion euro bailout early in the new year, with hopes high that the deal will help to stabilise the markets.

Agreement was reached in a bid to prevent the crisis spreading to larger European economies such as Spain and Italy.


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  1. if Spain wants to raise money it could always try selling houses to english expats …..last time they raised 180,000,000 million euros without parting with one house !!!
    ( original posting by Rambi on eye on Spain)