Going the extra mile for charity

LAST UPDATED: 6 Jan, 2012 @ 22:21
Going the extra mile for charity

A CHARITY walk has raised a staggering 47,000 euros for disadvantaged children in Nepal.

The Andalucian Coast-to-Coast Walk – a 21 day, 430 kilometre trail from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic – was undertaken in aid of the Buddha Memorial Children’s Home Trust.

Around 100 people walked at least part of the route this summer, with the money going towards a new extension to the Sherpa School in the Himalayas.

The charity’s founder Layla Paterson said: “Without us nearly 850 children we care for at present would be living a life of dire poverty, vulnerable to all sorts of child abuse, hunger and homelessness.

“Many of these children could well have been sold into prostitution, slavery – working in factories and stone quarries, or living on the streets, many turning to glue sniffing, leading to rabies and a shortened life.”

The event was organised by walking guide and writer Guy Hunter Watts, who has a number of books published on the region.


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