A divine career

LAST UPDATED: 15 Apr, 2012 @ 15:56
A divine career

A NEW campaign offering ‘eternal wealth’ and a ‘permanent job’ has been launched by Spain’s Catholic Church in an effort to attract young men into the priesthood.

The recruitment drive – aimed at filling a shortage in parish priests – comes at a time when half of Spaniards between 18 and 25 are out of work.

The number of priests in Spain has fallen by 25 per cent in the last decade, despite the clergy topping the list of ‘Top Ten Happiest Jobs’ in a study by Forbes magazine last year.

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  1. Do away with this celibacy nonsense, let them marry and have kids like any mortal and watch the applications flood in. naturally, this includes women. It’s idiotic to stop women from taking up equally pointless occupations as men. It’s a decent earner after all…