By Wendy Williams

‘GENERACION ni ni’ is speaking out over the internet.

Calling themselves the ‘New Poor’ a group of young, out-of-work Spaniards have launched a blog to tell people about the daunting position they find themselves in.

The creators of the blog, unemployed Santi Perez and Eric Lluent, both 25 and living with their parents, insist that their concerns are not being reflected in the media.

“We wanted to come out of the closet of poverty and talk about it without shame,” said Lluent, based in Barcelona.

“I’m part of the Lost Generation, those young 20-somethings stuck in the ditch of a society that we increasingly see less as ours and identify more as the enemy.”

Certainly he is not alone.

Already the New Poor site has received thousands of hits with many 20-somethings sharing their stories.

“If things stay the way they are, we’ll all have to emigrate,” said one contributor, 29-year-old architect Claudia Freixas.

Spain currently has the highest unemployment rate in the EU, with around 50 per cent for those aged 16-24.

It has led to Spanish youth garnering the nickname ‘generacion ni ni’ with many neither studying nor working.



  1. If you want to destroy all of your job prospects then the best thing you can do is join a website telling everyone that you have had no job for over a decade and moan about it to the whole online world. Employers will really be impressed.

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