Spanish government refuses to halt plan to prospect for oil off Axarquia coast

LAST UPDATED: 8 Jul, 2012 @ 09:29
Spanish government refuses to halt plan to prospect for oil off Axarquia coast

THE Spanish government has rejected a last-ditch attempt to stop prospecting for gas off the coast of Motril.

In a written reply, it insists there can be ‘no technical argument’ to prevent it from taking place next year.

Canadian multinational CNWL Oil was given the green light in 2010 to look for hydrocarbons on the condition the company meets all the environmental requirements.

A spokesman for Malaga’s Izquierda Plural political party sent a written question to the government in the hope the project to drill off the Costa Tropical would be abandoned.

But a government spokesman said: “There is not sufficient technical argument to justify a blanket prohibition to search for gas.”

“The current legislation provides measures and adequate safeguards for the proper conduct of the investigation to ensure the marine environment is protected.”

It said CNWL Oil still has to carry out an environmental impact study to ‘identify and quantify all the potential impacts that the operations they intend to perform could cause’.

Drilling is unlikely to start before next year.


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  1. “… no technical argument to prevent it from taking place next year”. Comforting – since we KNOW devasting problems like BP’s Gulf Oil disaster… EXXON’s Valdez disaster in Alaska.. et al, NEVER happen. But since Spain’s Tourism is the engine that economy depends on, HOW LARGE a Surety Bond is required from Canadian firm IF/WHEN such a problem may destroy our Costa del Sol Beaches & Tourism/Income?
    Yes – we know Spain has BILLIONS of extra Euros to quickly deal with such a disaster effecting Tourism/income while litagation for damages takes place in Spain’s rapid Judicial system. But prudently, how many Billions of euros are required as a Surety Bond BEFORE project is approved?
    If NOT, some Politicians may have personal liability here.