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Week one of Spain’s energy saving measures produces 3.7% fall in consumption

ELECTRICITY usage in Spain fell by 3.7% in the first week of measures introduced by the government to reduce demand on gas generated energy. The...

Spain pushes for EU cash for new gas pipelines as alternative to Russian energy supplies

PRIME Minister Pedro Sanchez has said he believes the EU should front cash to pay for any new gas connections between Spain and those...

17 injured- one seriously- as explosion blasts top of Madrid city centre building in Spain

AN explosion ripped through a Madrid city centre apartment block shortly after 2.00 pm on Friday. 17 people were injured- one seriously- with four victims...

Massive green energy project unveiled for Spain’s Aragon

SPAIN has unveiled plans for a massive green energy project in the northeast region of Aragon that aims to meet 30% of the nation’s...

Fresh warning as bogus gas inspector tricks elderly expats in Costa Blanca area of Spain

A bogus gas inspector has been caught in Denia with police warning residents to be careful over who they let into their homes. The fraudster...

Energy bosses summoned to meet government minister as power prices continue to sky-rocket in Spain

POWER firm bosses in Spain are set to meet with a leading government minister to discuss sky-rocketing energy prices. The El Pais newspaper says that...

EXPLAINED: What you need to know about using bottled gas in Spain

MANY homes in Spain still rely on bottled gas as they don’t have access to mains gas, especially rural homes and businesses. Some also use...

Disabled British man found unconscious after ‘intense’ gas cylinder inferno on the Costa Blanca

A BRITISH man has been hospitalised in a 'serious condition' after he was found unconscious at his Costa Blanca home. Firefighters were reportedly called at...

Gang of thieves gas and rob expat homes on Costa del Sol

Raider gang is using gas to knock out victims before robbing their homes including Xmas gifts

Velez-Malaga gas explosion injures at least 77 people

Video footage showed people fleeing the cafe after the explosion, with the street outside covered in debris

Junta rules to protect Donana National Park from gas project

Plans to extract gas from Doñana nature reserve win a provisional stay of execution

Spain’s oil industry could create 250,000 new jobs

Spain could become a gas exporter by 2031

Energy giant Repsol abandons failed Canary Island drilling project

But projects off the Mijas coastline still look to go ahead

Spain announces 15% decrease of greenhouse gas emissions

But meteorologists still say carbon dioxide levels are 'unprecedented'

Protest against Repsol gas drilling on the Costa del Sol

Citizens are up in arms about the drilling, due to start in February 2015

Repsol hits it big in Russia

The find may influence future decisions about EU sanctions on Moscow

Join protest against Repsol drilling on the Costa del Sol

The protest group will meet in Fuengirola on Saturday June 28

Fake gas inspectors arrested for conning victims out of millions

Police have carried out raids in Malaga, Granada and Almeria to decimate the criminal network

Anti-drilling campaigners set sail off the Costa del Sol

EXCLUSIVE: Spaniards and expats visit Repsol's proposed spot to raise awareness about the plans

Anti-drilling group holds protest on Fuengirola coastline

After staging three protests, campaigners are now planning to take residents out to sea to explain the effects of drilling

Costa del Sol group continues fight against drilling with Fuengirola protest

Citizens Against Oil Exploration on the Costa del Sol will stage another protest tomorrow in response to proposed drilling 9 km offshore

Anti-oil-drilling protest to be held in Mijas

Citizens Against Oil Exploration on the Costa del Sol are set to protest outside the town hall to voice concerns over Respol's exploration plans this Saturday

Mayors and Greenpeace unite in Spain to fight gas drilling 9km off Mijas coast

PSOE mayors join Greenpeace to publicise the risks of allowing oil giant Repsol to drill 9km off Mijas coast

Spain braces for rise in the price of electricity and natural gas

As Spain´s economic crisis persists, the price of electricity and gas are set to increase

Spanish government refuses to halt plan to prospect for oil off Axarquia coast

It insists there can be ‘no technical argument’ to prevent it from taking place




Spain sees convictions for homophobic hate crimes spike in 2022

CONVICTIONS in Spain for homophobic hate crimes rose 25% in 2022 compared to the year before. That’s according to a yearly report from the...


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