A good sign for foreign drivers in Spain

LAST UPDATED: 8 Jul, 2012 @ 09:40
A good sign for foreign drivers in Spain

BRITONS who dread having to drive on the ‘wrong side’ of the road while travelling between the UK and Spain are being offered an innovative way of remembering.

Stephen Ferrada, a car designer based in Germany, has developed a reversible sign that attaches to the dashboard and uses the reflection in the window to remind motorists which side they should be on.

The Briton has used his experience working for firms including Porsche and Mercedes to develop his brand, Get-on-Side, which is available in several languages.

“One third of the world drive on the left and the rest on the right, but nothing exists to help drivers safely adapt to opposite-side driving,” he said.

“I use it to help me re-acclimatise when travelling between the UK and mainland Europe and it is great for the many expats and holidaymakers travelling to and from Spain.”


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