Spanish man hacked to death in the UK

LAST UPDATED: 18 Jul, 2012 @ 16:52
Spanish man hacked to death in the UK

A MURDER investigation is underway after a Spanish student was decapitated in a brutal attack.

The man, thought to be studying English, was apparently hacked to death at a flat in Bournemouth.

Armed police were called after a young woman failed to get a response after calling at the property, while neighbours reported hearing screams before the discovery.

A trail of blood was found leading away from an alleyway next to the building and a blood-soaked man in his 20s was arrested on suspicion of murder half an hour later outside a private hospital.

Phillip Ellison, who runs a wine bar below the flat, said: “All I know is that a guy has been murdered and it was said he had been decapitated.

“As far as I know the victim was Spanish and he might have been here as a language student.”

A woman who works in the nearby hospital saw the man being arrested. She said: “I saw a man covered in blood and the police were holding him down.

“He was lying on the ground on his side; it looked like he had blood on his knees.”


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