Green argument in Gibraltar

LAST UPDATED: 15 Nov, 2012 @ 08:38
Green argument in Gibraltar

GIBRALTAR Government has accused the opposition of ‘sour grapes’ after a row broke out over the cost of the recent Thinking Green conference held on the Rock.

The GSD questioned the value of hosting the event after it emerged the government had paid £160,000 for former US vice-president Al Gore to attend.

But government officials hit back, claiming the true cost of the event was likely to be around £97,000 once additional costs, and income from ticket sales and sponsors, had been factored in.

“Whether the opposition like it or not, the Thinking Green seminar was an outstanding success,” said a spokesman.

“The criticism of the event, from a party that squandered millions and millions of pounds of taxpayers money over 16 years in office, smacks of nothing more than sour grapes.”


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