Spanish families given eviction lifeline

LAST UPDATED: 7 Dec, 2012 @ 09:53
Spanish families given eviction lifeline

FAMILIES who are evicted will be provided with low-rent public housing, the government has announced.

Economy Minister Luis de Guindos confirmed repossessed properties owned by the banks will be used to help those left homeless.

The Cabinet was forced to act after two suicides, both directly related to evictions, led to widespread protests.

Other measures introduced include a two-year ban on the eviction of vulnerable people, halting a trend which has seen 400,000 homes repossessed since 2008.

Families with monthly income below €1,600, those with a child under three years old and people with disabilities will all benefit from the measure.

Jobless people who are not eligible to claim employment benefits and domestic violence victims will also be exempt.

The opposition PSOE party had wanted the ban to be applied to all families regardless of their circumstances, but this was rejected by the government.

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  1. So the banks are going to evict the occupants, and then rehouse them in houses which are free, because they have evicted the occupants ? Have I understood this ?

  2. why don’t they let them stay in there houses and allow them pay the same as the “low-rate public housing”, until they are on thier feet. What are they gaining by having thousands of un-occupied houses.