Jail for former Moulin Rouge dancer

LAST UPDATED: 9 Feb, 2013 @ 09:50
Jail for former Moulin Rouge dancer

A FORMER Moulin Rouge dancer has been jailed for benefit fraud after fleeing to Spain.

Benefit cheat Dawn Orton, 47, was locked up for 12 months after being convicted of cheating the taxpayer out of as much as €100,000.

The mother-of-two had been sentenced in her absence at Hull Crown Court after absconding to the Costa del Sol.

A request to have the case transferred to Gibraltar was ignored and an international arrest warrant being issued.

She eventually handed herself into police last week.

Orton claimed thousands in lone widow payments following the death of her husband, despite being in a long-term relationship with a wealthy businessman.

She also claimed incapacity benefit payments for a shoulder injury, despite continuing to play badminton and enjoying skiing holidays.


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