Bad luck for ‘lucky’ Wilson

LAST UPDATED: 28 Feb, 2013 @ 15:56
Bad luck for ‘lucky’ Wilson

A CONVICTED murderer who gunned down an expat in Mijas Costa has been denied an appeal.

Eric ‘Lucky’ Wilson, 29, was sentenced to 23 years for gunning down expat Dan Smith in cold blood in 2011.

Police later found an arsenal of weapons at his home in Coin and discovered two packages of explosives; three hand grenades, two detonators and 180 rounds of ammunition.

The Irishman hoped to escape an additional five and a half year sentence for possession of the weapons by claiming they were not his.

He insisted they were found in a storage shed by his house, which other people had access to, rather than in his own home.

However, the Supreme Court found there to be no evidence of other people using the shed, and some of the material was found inside the property.

The Olive Press broke the exclusive story about how he had shot Smith in the head after he stood up for a girl in a pub who Wilson was pestering.



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