Child attacked in Rincon de la Victoria

LAST UPDATED: 3 May, 2013 @ 20:08
Child attacked in Rincon de la Victoria

A YOUNG child has been attacked by a man at a cinema in Rincon de la Victoria.

The seven-year-old boy suffered neck and head injuries after being thrown down the stairs while watching the movie Iron Man 3 at the cinema in the town’s commercial centre.

Guardia Civil are now investigating the incident after an eyewitness claimed to have seen a man ‘grab a child by the neck and throw him down the stairs of the hall during the screening’.

“We heard a thud and then saw the child run to hide crying,” added the witness.

The assault is said to have taken place when the boy left his seat to go to the toilet.

The child’s father reportedly squared up to the man, who was sitting a few rows behind. It is not known if they came to blows.

The boy was later taken to a local medical centre to be treated for bruising to his head and neck.


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