Terrific for tots!

LAST UPDATED: 12 May, 2013 @ 12:37
Terrific for tots!

A BRITISH couple have become the first expats to open a non-Spanish business inside Malaga airport.

Tots Store – a service providing baby and toddler equipment for rent and sale – is the brainchild of Sarah and Richard Ashman.

Parents can get their hands on everything from car seats and baby milk to children’s bikes and English-brand nappies.

“Our car seats are half the price of the rent a car firms,” explains Sarah, 39.

The couple who have lived in Riviera for 11 years have landed a ‘testing contract’ and hope to see the business go from strength to strength.

“It’s still early days but we’ve got lots of clients and we are already turning over a profit,” adds Sarah.

The company prides itself on affordable prices and helping parents find essential products not readily available in Spain.

“A lot of companies sell and rent baby equipment but they don’t go the whole distance,” Sarah adds.

“At Tots Store we supply all those things that make a mum’s life so much easier on holiday.”

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  1. I wonder how they are able to recover their rented equipments. Do they require their customers to return the equipment or perhaps just let them leave it because the company will pick it up?

  2. @Kim – The customer’s no doubt have to pay a hefty deposit which they’ll be all too keen to recover by returning the items they’ve borrowed back to a drop off point.