Horse dies in Malaga traffic accident

LAST UPDATED: 25 Jul, 2013 @ 12:39
Horse dies in Malaga traffic accident

A HORSE died today after it bolted from its carriage and collided with  a car in Malaga.

The accident happened at 7:30  this morning, on Martinez Maldonado street, when the horse bolted down the Avenida Carlos Haya and collided with a car that was standing at the bus stop.

The carriage driver and the car driver were unharmed.

The horse broke its hind legs during the collision and was crushed by the carriage.  Due to severe wounds, the animal had to be put down.

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  1. horses don’t belong in the cities and on the streets. cars belong there get these poor horses off the streets and back in pastures men are so greedy for the almighty dollar..u make me sick

  2. That’s the exact reason that there should NOT be any carriage horses in this world on city streets! It’s pure abuse and should not be supported!

  3. Horses do not belong in busy street full of smelly exhaust fumes, unexpected noise, etc. its no wonder they bolt….ban them from cities and busy streets where ever they be.!

  4. Thousands due in auto accidents every year. Horse and carriage accidents are few and far between. Horses belong anywhere there are people.

  5. Horses most certainly DO belong on the streets of Malaga and in every urban area. I was there about 12 years ago. Lots of stray dogs around and traffic and people, it was anything but chaotic. things moved slow enough and people were so aware of their surroundings and it was clean. Tragic accidents happen every day, everywhere, the point is not to lose our compassion when things do go wrong. This was not a case of malicious intent. It’s LIFE. Keep the horses, get rid of the dirty cars.