VIDEO: Barcelona footballers’ flight of fancy

LAST UPDATED: 9 Sep, 2013 @ 22:07
VIDEO: Barcelona footballers’ flight of fancy

BARCELONA footballers have taken up rather less orthodox positions for a new ad campaign.

Lionel Messi, Neymar and Sergio Busquets are just some of the stars involved in life on ‘Barca Island’, which is shaped like the club crest.

The Qatar Airways campaign features Gerard Pique as a customs officer and Andres Iniesta as a painter.

There’s even a cameo for former Barca and England star Gary Lineker as a taxi driver.

Whatever next… Surreal Madrid?


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  1. That VIDEO is adorable… mostly!!!

    I enjoyed it.

    WHERE is the WOMAN’s PRO SOCCER team of Barcelona???

    WOMEN of SPAIN are surely ATHLETIC as well!!!
    And DESERVING of COMMERCIAL activity… as well.

    The video was cute. SUPERIOR as long as both genders are present as representing said “sport” of FOOTBALL for Spain.