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John Major: Brits should swap Costa holidays for the real Spain

John Major

FORMER prime minister Sir John Major has urged British tourists to swap their normal Costa holidays for exploration of the real Spain. 

He sang the delights of inland Spain as he addressed dignitaries in Candeleda, his holiday destination of choice near Avila, as the village unveiled a street named after him.

Major said: “Up to one million British citizens have a house in Spain. Somewhere between 13 and 14 million British tourists visit every year.

“Most of them come to enjoy your beautiful seaside and island resorts – but I’ve learned differently.

“I would urge them to venture into real Spain.

“They will find not only magnificent cities, part of out common European heritage, but also a whole range of stunningly beautiful towns and villages of which Candeleda is to me, one of the jewels.”

Claire Wilson

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  1. We live about an hour and a half from the coast and would prefer no-one had any idea how beautiful it is.It is a secret and all prospective purchasers should buy on the coast!

  2. I agree.

    Had wonderful day out today for Mike,s birthday.

    Alahama de Granada, down to Otivar for superb lunch
    Then to coast stopped at La Herradura for drink and paddle in sea.

    Back through mountains past Lake vinuela back to Alahama and then Salar.
    Wonderful day

  3. Thankfully! I don’t think inland Spain is what most visiting Brits want. No pints of lager and egg and chips for their sunbathing on the beach getting as red as you can package holidays ha ha.

  4. Please keep them in Torremolinos in those ghastly ghettos they call hotels, where you wear a mortuary tag on your wrist to qualify you for the all day food and drink. Please don’t let them anywhere near me.

  5. Trevor, now that you have demonstrated to the world that you know nothing about Spain, please just let the knowledgable people give advice. What’s wrong with egg and chips? In my local venta yesterday two farmers were eating ham, egg and chips. Get out more is my advice. Try going to Spain lol.

  6. We live and love living in inland Andalucia Fred. You seem to have a problem.
    Egg and chips was just an analogy about Brits on holiday!

    You’re just out for trouble always.

    P.S. ‘knowledgable’ is spelled knowledgeable by the way…

  7. Maybe where you’re from Fred. Only the Brits have pint glasses behind the bar in our local bars. So typical Spanish; Egg, Chips and PINTS. That’s really really funny ha ha.

    Just because you don’t have the ‘knowledge’ to spell correctly don’t take it out on anyone else.

  8. Trev, you’ve got a chip on your shoulder about British people and zero knowledge about a country you supposedley live in. Chips are served with everything here in Spain.

    Btw, it’s phrased “so typically Spanish”, not “typical Spanish”. Best enroll back on an English course now it’s September Trev lol.

  9. Fred,
    I agree with you wholeheartedly – have these ‘Spain is super’ ever visited Spain let alone lived there.

    They spout off about Spain when at best they have a little knowledge of a tiny part of Andalucia.

    As someone who has travelled extensively through almost every part of Spain ‘chips with everything’ is the norm, even in supposedly the best restaurants and I’m not referring to nouveau cuisine rip-off joints.

    You have to wonder if they are all estate agents or have a crap built apartment to get rid of.

    I may get down to Granada this winter (only a fool visits in summer) to see my old mates. The only places I would eat at are ‘The Piano’ a brilliant vegan take away and the House of Wu a superb Chinese restaurant.

    Spanish jazz groups are among the best – if only the food was as good.

  10. Trevor, don’t bother. Most of us know what you meant with the chips and pint- it was an analogy just like they say “the hotdog, hamburger and french fry crowd” for North Americas.
    I must say in my area patata bravas is more the norm, not many places have french fries(chips)except the fast food chains and tourist spots in town.

    Now let me go to my real estate office and unload my crap apartments. Ha Ha or wait I’m sorry lol!

    Tenga un buen fin de

  11. Fred you’re pretty insulting telling people they know nothing about the country they live in, based on hardly anything they write ha ha.

    Are you really that stupid not to get comedic ‘chips and egg analogy’ I fleetingly said. I’m not really talking about food ha ha.

  12. Well Trevor – what the hell are you talking about, unfortunately snidy remarks are the norm for too many English. Try being direct like your German and Dutch brothers.

    Christine – just how many regions of Spain do you have personal experience of?

    We never lived in or near any tourist areas. When we lived in northern Galicia (2002/3) we took a vacation up the Med coast, for me it was my first visit since 1968 – utter destruction of what had been a very poor but beautiful part of Spain. Full of dour fat ex-pats, most of whom point blank refused to learn either castillano or the local dialects.

    I, like a few others who post on this forum are sick and tired of comments from those who know next to nothing about Spain as a whole eg. Spain is always sunny – how stupid – go visit Galicia/Cantabria/Asturias/Castille y Leon/Navarra where the dry stone walls and green grass was selected as a location for shooting Cromwell – because it looked so much like Yorkshire. Regional food can be found all over Spain – more stupidity – it goes on and on.

    Fred, it’s not research these idiots need to do but get off their fat butts and actually visit other parts of Spain but then they would have to admit that they did’nt know what they talking about and that will never happen.

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