EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Costa del Sol bus driver caught using mobile phone

LAST UPDATED: 18 Sep, 2013 @ 14:22
EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Costa del Sol bus driver caught using mobile phone

PUBLIC transport should provide a safe way to get to and from destinations.

But, only two months after train driver Francisco Jose Garzon Amo decided to use his phone, rather than the brakes – killing 79 – Avanza Bus Company should be working harder to warn their staff of the dangers of distraction.

Passengers were apparently ‘terrified’ when a Portillo bus driver on route M220 between Marbella and Fuengirola, got out his mobile phone to take a call.

It is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving, something that Avanza need to address more clearly with drivers.

The conversation lasted for a minute, putting passengers lives at risk. He is clearly seen taking his eyes off the road to end the call – which could have led to a serious accident.

According to the World Health Organisation an estimated 57% of Spanish road traffic crashes in 2011 were related to driver distraction.

Luckily an Olive Press reader recorded the incident and the video has now been posted online at www.theolivepress.es.

Asking not to be named, she said: “After what happened in Galicia, surely drivers on public transportation should be held to a higher standard, let alone simply complying with the law?”

A spokesman for the Avanza group last night said that it was not aware of any complaints until the Olive Press informed them of the incident.

“Now we have been informed, we will be opening an internal investigation and the company will be taking disciplinary action if considered appropriate,” he said.

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  1. This bloke is nothing but a Ba……..
    he risked killing everyone on the Bus so he could chat to his GF or his Mom
    He should loose his job

  2. Lovely, we use this bus frequently and at the best of times, the drivers drive erratically….great to know we are in safe hands…..not.

  3. Never mind making an example of him, yes okay he is in charge of a public service but there are many more idiot individuals on the road that need dealing with by the Police first!

  4. Tony’s right. I’m surprised this is news really, I mean this is normal for Spain. Car drivers do it, taxi drivers do it, train drivers do it. And they will continue to do it. No news there.

  5. Oh come on nobody lisens to the rules over here, how many people have you seen on their phones whilst driving or even useing their indicators whilst turning left or right. Its Spain should be use to it.

  6. Jules,
    too many drivers do exactly as you say. We live for the moment nearly bang on a RN in France and it’s normal to see drivers turning right onto the RN whilst using a mobile.

    However there is also open ground in front of our garage/cave and many drivers sensibly pull onto this ground and make their call before driving on – simple and risk free but unfortunately their are those who don’t value their life or anyone else’s – esta la vida.