17 Sep, 2013 @ 16:49
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Spanish port authority heads to Southampton to get a few tips

Nicolas Gonzalez (left) and Miguel Angel Paneque Sosa from MDL Marinas.

ANDALUCIA plans to be the must-visit area for British boaters.

Miguel Angel Paneque Sosa, the director of the Andalucia Port Authority, visited the PSP Southampton Boat Show to discover what a British boater wants from a boating holiday.

Boating berth company MDL Marinas has signed an agreement with the authority to launch a new English-speaking concierge service within Andalucia.

Mr Sosa said: “The main difference between the two areas is the weather. It is completely different in the UK; the conditions and navigation is different.

“We want to set up lasting relationships because we have a big network in Andalusia and we manage 13 ports.”


  1. Its a joke to own a yacht in Spain or operate any kind of charter. I do think Spain has had it with attracting this type of clientele why go there when you can go to Croatia and other ports? When I speak with the American super yacht owners I tell them forget Spain not worth the bother, maybe only visit Barcelona. Puerto Banus and other ports are empty now and they wonder why. Here is an Idea there are less yachts coming so we need to charge more to make up the short full. Not a clue !!! Puerto Banus is full of gangsters and the Police are all paid by these gangsters, corruption must be at its limit and top of the world league. Hold your heads in shame !!!I could change Spain in one year for the better but would need the backing of the government and I do not mean local back hander government.

  2. I agree with Keith especially for Sailing Yachts. I did NOT bring my Frers 50+’ to the Marbella area from the USVI since this area showed it does NOT have regular sailing winds nor little/any interesting sailing ports in a 1-2 day trip.
    On top of that the costs for staying/maintenance don’t work!
    FAR better to stay at a Marbella Hotel/Apt and rent a car!!

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