Proof cheese and wine are the perfect partners

LAST UPDATED: 21 Oct, 2013 @ 11:23
Proof cheese and wine are the perfect partners

RESEARCHERS at Rutgers University have concluded that the best combinations of food and drink include cheese and wine.

Volunteers drank various liquids alongside a range of foods and were more drawn towards wine and cheese, and wine and meat, than any other combination.

The research centered on ‘mouthfeel’— the sensations caused in the mouth by the physical and chemical interaction between the mouth’s tissues and saliva and the chemicals found in food.


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  1. Funny how researchers need to ‘discover’ what we have all known seemingly for ever. May they extend their grants for ever and again, to remind us annually.Better still to tell us where one can sample the cheese here on show, in Andalusia of course…will go beautifully with Ribera du Duero.