Sotogrande invites fish fans to choose champions of tuna

LAST UPDATED: 27 May, 2014 @ 22:29
Sotogrande invites fish fans to choose champions of tuna

IT’S going to get fishy in Sotogrande this summer, with the first ever tuna festival set to take place this August.

Local restaurants will be serving up their best tuna tapas in an attempt to convince hungry punters that their chefs should be crowned the champions of tuna.

The event, hosted by San Roque council, will take place in various marquees in the port from August 1 – 3 and is expected to be popular with tourists.

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  1. Rob: Because it’s not possible (except at quite high expense) to keep “real ale” in good condition in the south of Spain in summer. It would turn into a “real vinegar” festival.
    That’s why we all choke on pretty tasteless lagers.