Barcelona beaches closed to public after shark sightings

LAST UPDATED: 17 Jul, 2014 @ 21:35
Barcelona beaches closed to public after shark sightings

SHARKS have been spotted close to the shore in Barcelona, leading to the closure of six beaches.

People were banned from swimming after lifeguards spotted three small blue sharks, each between 1-1.5 metres long.

The town halls in the popular resorts of Premia del Mar and El Masnou moved to close the beaches and raised red warning flags.

A surveillance boat was sent out to look for the fish but failed to find them.

The beaches have since been reopened, with green flags indicating the waters are safe to enter.

“Three sharks… were spotted near the area where people swim, up to two metres from the shore – very close. They could be seen from the beach,” said Hasina Ahmad from the Red Cross.

The charity is still keeping two patrol boats out on the look out for the sharks.

According to the Florida Natural History Museum, the blue shark is a dangerous species which is known to have attacked other sharks and boats.


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