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‘Shark’ sighting off Spain’s Valencia coast forces beach to close – before experts discover it was just a big...

A BEACH in the Valencia region was closed on Monday after a shark was thought to have been spotted in the waters. The decision...

Man arrested for organising illegal shark and stingray fishing excursions in Spain’s Lanzarote

THE GUARDIA CIVIL have arrested a man in Lanzarote for organising illegal shark and stingray tourist fishing trips. The arrest took place on May 19...

Rare Blue Shark washed up at popular tourist beach on Spain’s Costa Blanca

The Blue Shark (Prionace glauca) is a species of requiem shark which inhabits deep waters in the world's temperate and tropical oceans

Beach closed after two-metre shark which attacks humans spotted off Spain’s Cadiz

The sighting took place this Monday around 15:30 hours. The beach remained closed until after 17:00 hours.

Panic on Spain’s Costa del Sol over possible shark sighting in tourist hotspot

This possible sighting in Torremolinos would make it the third in 10 days

WATCH: Huge 8-metre shark spotted in Spain’s Andalucia in second such sighting in two weeks

DEEP sea divers have managed to film a 'giant' shark off the coast of Andalucia this weekend. The creature was spotted yesterday by the Guardia...

WATCH: ‘Shark’ spotted near shore of Costa del Sol beach in Spain THIS is the moment a 'shark' was filmed near the shores of a Costa del Sol beach.  The two-minute clip shows a dark fin protruding...

WATCH: Huge ‘shark’ spotted on Costa del Sol beach

THIS is the alleged moment a huge ‘shark’ came close to the shores of a Costa del Sol beach. The video was reportedly filmed today...

IN PICS: Rare shark spotted off coast of southern Spain

It has upper teeth and blade-like lower teeth, with 12 rows of teeth on either side

Thirteen foot shark found on Costa beach in Spain

A SHARK has been found washed ashore on a beach in Alicante. The fierce fish measured in at a whopping four metres (13ft) long and...

Six-foot-long shark injures Mallorca tourist as authorities close beach

Bather grazed by shark as it swam past, but some swimmers ignored red-flag warning

Mallorca on high alert after second shark sighting in recent weeks

Police patrolling the beach at Cala Major were unable to locate the shark

Eight-foot shark causes panic among Mallorca bathers

Beaches closed after blue shark sends terrified swimmers scrambling to shore

Shark attacks swimmer at popular tourist Balearic Islands beach

Pensioner bitten on hand as swimmers flee in terror

Beach closed after shark spotted on Costa del Sol

The lifeguards decided to close the beach amid fears that adult sharks may be swimming nearby

VIDEO: Huge shark terrifies tourists in Spanish holiday resort

Onlookers captured the predator on their phones

Shark sightings close four Spanish beaches

Four beaches were closed after lifeguards spotted blue sharks in the water in Catalunya

Basking shark washed up dead on Cadiz beach wrapped in fishing debris

A shark tangled up in fishing debris has been washed up on the beaches of Cadiz

VIDEO: Shark spotted in Fuengirola

A shark was spotted swimming in Fuengirola's shallows

Barcelona beaches closed to public after shark sightings

The six beaches have since been reopened, after authorities failed to find the three sharks

Axarquia shark rumours dismissed as hoax

Reported shark sightings have been rife on social media

Shark spotted on Almeria beach

The 'living fossil' has hardly evolved for more than 150 million years

Spain blamed for ‘wall of death’ wiping out British sharks

Spanish and Portuguese fishing fleets responsible for plummeting UK shark populations

Costa del Sol beach briefly closed after sighting of shark

A two-metre long shark was spotted close to the shore

Dragon washes up on Andalucian beach… or does it

A 13ft monster washed up on a beach this week, and experts have discovered its true identity

Shark ‘finning’ finally outlawed in Spain

The EU has banned fishermen from slicing off sharks’ fins and discarding their bodies live




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