A SHARK has been seen swimming in the shallows in Fuengirola to the amazement of onlookers.

A crowd gathered to witness the extraordinary scene and many filmed the 2 metre long blue shark on their smartphones.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on May 26 by Sergio David Munoz Ruiz available to watch above.

Contrary to popular belief, there are almost 500 species of shark worldwide and the vast majority are not harmful to humans – only three species are responsible for over 10 recorded fatal, unprovoked attacks on humans (the great white, tiger and bull).

This is not the first time blue sharks have been spotted in Fuengirola’s waters, and they are more common in the summer months.

The blue shark is the most widely distributed shark species, and is thought to be shy around humans and only dangerous if provoked.


  1. This type of shark is not particularly dangerous compared with the several sharks we encountered on the CDS who were selling properties during the boom and bust era. Fortunately we managed to avoid being bitten unlike many others who lost an arm and a leg.

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