Mijas fire services launch new app to tackle fire problem

LAST UPDATED: 19 Sep, 2014 @ 16:30
Mijas fire services launch new app to tackle fire problem

MIJAS fire-fighters have created an emergency smartphone app, amidst growing fears that an arsonist is at bay in the area.

A string of fires over the past three months – the last being on Tuesday – led mayor Angel Nozal of Mijas Town Hall to call for ‘full citizen cooperation’ as he speculated an arsonist could be behind the blazes.

The free app – Emergencias SOS, which is available to download on the IOS App Store and Google Play Store – allows residents to report fires by sharing their location with the fire services.

Cristobal Gonzalez, councillor for the prevention of fire, said: “This application is another commitment from the local government in its aim to have the best emergency services available in the case of fires.”

As well as allowing people to connect to fire services, the app also allows users to contact local police, health emergency services and the Guardia Civil, based on their location.








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