Prankster sneaks on to FC Barcelona bus

Tommy Dunn, the serial British prankster who rode FC Barcelona’s bus to a Champions League game

LAST UPDATED: 4 Mar, 2015 @ 11:41

WE’VE all been tempted to hop on board a bus without the driver noticing… but one football fan has taken it to a whole new level.

Football ace Messi and (inset) Tommy Dunn
Football ace Messi and (inset) Tommy Dunn

One prankster managed to jump onto the Barcelona FC coach en route to the team’s recent Champions League crunch match with Manchester City.

Manchester United fan Tommy Dunn, 53, posed as a security guard in a blue suit to blag his way onto the bus bound for City’s Etihad Stadium.

He hopped on while stars, including Lionel Messi and Neymar, waited in line outside the five-star Lowry Hotel in central Manchester.

Father of four Dunn told the driver he was with the squad and sat at the front.

He then secretly recorded himself greeting the players in Spanish as they walked past him.

Stars Messi, Luis Suarez and Gerard Pique all climbed aboard without raising the alarm.

It was only when Luis Enrique, Barcelona’s boss, said he was ready to depart that Dunn upped and fled the coach without getting caught.

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