MISSING: Agnese was last seen on September 6 in Puerto Banus

POLICE have seized the luxury yacht of a British gangster in connection to the disappearance of expat Agnese Klavina.

DNA samples have been taken from the yacht, owned by the Essex crime lord, who is also a key player in Marbella’s drug world.

It follows the arrest of his son (neither man can be named for legal reasons) who was pictured leaving Aqwa Mist nightclub with the 30-year-old Latvian on the night she went missing.

A second man arrested has now been identified as Craig Porter, from Liverpool, who allegedly works for the father and son.

Porter has allegedly admitted to being in the car with Agnese on the night she disappeared. However he claims he fell asleep before his friend – a balding man, who was pictured in the Olive Press in November – dropped her off near to where she was staying.

A source close to the police investigation revealed that the boat – which is 35 metres long – has been seized in Cartagena, in Murcia. It left Puerto Banus port, in Marbella, two days after Agnese went missing in September.

“The police have been looking into the boat from the very beginning,” the source told the Olive Press.

“The problem has been obtaining sufficient DNA for Agnese from Latvia. There were a number of problems with Interpol but that seems to have been resolved now.”

He added that the arrested man, in his 30s, is in the process of ‘taking over his father’s legacy’ which includes a property portfolio as well as a yacht business.

He added: “This type of premeditated crime would fit in with this guy’s style.

“Porter may have just got caught up in things, but the other guy is known for having a darker, more sinister side to him.”

Police are now investigating the possibility that Agnese may have been murdered and thrown overboard.

DNA samples taken on Sunday have been sent to a specialist laboratory in Madrid for further examination.

Agnese’s boyfriend Michael Millis, 38, now admits that he is losing hope of finding her alive.

“The police have not told me or our lawyer anything. Everything is so hushed up that it’s crazy,” said the London nightclub owner.

The Mayor of Marbella’s stepson, Joakim Broburg, who was out partying with Agnese the night she disappeared, told the Olive Press: “I have heard about this man but at the moment all we can do is wait.”

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