Ryanair refuses double transplant emergency in Spain

A sick child in need of a double transplant was refused on to a Ryanair flight

LAST UPDATED: 17 Mar, 2015 @ 12:53

A SICK child in need of a double transplant was refused on to a Ryanair flight after his family arrived too close to takeoff.ryanair

An emergency liver and kidney transplant was found for the boy but he and his family could not fly from their home in Gran Canaria to Madrid due to tickets not being purchased far enough in advance.

The family ended up flying with Air Europa an hour and a half later while Madrid’s La Paz hospital’s transplant team endured ‘hours of anguish.’

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  1. There must be more to this. Ryanair wouldn’t not let you fly because you didn’t buy the ticket far enough in advance. They wouldn’t sell you the ticket in the first place if it was too close to departure.

  2. The first sentence in this article probably explains it more clearly. They may have bought the tickets in time but for one reason or another failed to make the gate before it closed.
    Unfortunately, time, tide and Ryanair await no man

  3. Silly – if the PARENTS thought this flight was important for their child – they WOULD insure they were checked in and booked ON time. Sounds like a “parent glitch” so blame on the airline!