Two missing tourists last seen in Algeciras

The tourists were due to fly to Holland on April 1

LAST UPDATED: 7 Apr, 2015 @ 10:26

TWO tourists have been reported missing, last seen in Algeciras on April 1.

Joyce Van Iperen
Joyce Van Iperen

Dutch national Joyce Van Iperen and her friend Stephan Mulder had been on holiday in Spain since March 27 and were due to fly back to Holland on April 1.

The were last seen having lunch with a friend in Algeciras and their phones have been off since then.

Neither one is responding to telephone contact and family and friends are appealing for help.

Her sister, Ruth Wever, said: “We are in contact with many people in different countries to share the pictures and information about my sister.

“The police in Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal have already been informed and we are desperately waiting for news from them.”

“On behalf of my family, thanks to everyone for all the support and help so far.”

For anyone with information, contact the newsdesk on 951 273 575 or Ruth Weber, Joyce’s sister, on +351 969 620 609

More info to follow…

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