Ghost airport at Ciudad Real goes up for auction with NO starting price

Another monument to Spain’s boomtime of overspending goes up auction for the ninth time, but this time … with no reserve price

LAST UPDATED: 29 Apr, 2015 @ 10:53

IT was the billion euro airport tailor-made for Spain when the economy was flying high, a symbol of affluence and state-of-the-art transport with lightening quick links to the capital.

ciudad real airportCiudad Real airport stands deserted since 2012 after just three years of minimal operation, another white elephant for Spain to deal with.

And now, after years of standing empty and eight public auctions failing to attract a buyer, the 28,000m terminal built to cater for five million passengers per year, is on the market again.

But this time, there is no minimum asking price for the affectionately-named Don Quijote airport.

The reserve price, which has dwindled gradually from a heady minimum €100 million in December 2013, dropped to €80 million and finally €40 million on April 23, has now been scrapped altogether.

The decider of the auction is set for June 19 at 11am in Ciudad Real court and hopes to bring an end to 600 days of liquidation and dilapidation.

Despite there being no starting price, an appraised value of the airport hub, set at €40 million, is estimated.

Bids will be submitted in sealed envelopes.


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  1. Should be bought by a worldwide disaster reaction force and used as a base to supply disaster support. Planes donated by the rich country’s, doctors, engineers, equipment all ready to go wherever they are needed instead of the current piecemeal system.