SPANISH poet and playwright Federico Lorca was executed on the orders of the military in Granada one month into the Spanish Civil War.

New documents written in 1965 but only revealed today, are the first official documents to record Lorca’s killing.

The report confirmed that Lorca was murdered in an area north of Granada under General Franco’s rule. However the site of his grave remains a mystery.

Lorca was arrested by police and had confessed to being homosexual and a practising Freemason before being executed.


  1. G&G

    Franco had no authority in Granada, I think that the hightest authority in that region was the General Queipo de Llano, at the time when was killed Lorca. The represión in Granada was especially strong. In that month there were shot more of eight hundred people in the cemetery walls, and others, including Lorca, that great poet, were shot in the fields around Granada.

    Being leftwing was reason enough to be killed.

    In the republican zone the people of rightwing,priests and noons suffered a similiar treat.

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