Tragic one-sided BBC documentary makes a mockery of Costa del Sol expat life

The ‘mockumentary’ Costa del Sol: the last Brits standing was not only negative… but it was plain wrong

LAST UPDATED: 24 Apr, 2015 @ 12:10

bbc doc last brit standingIT’S a tragedy that the BBC gave Mentorn Media a stage for such a one-sided documentary about expats in Spain.

For the ‘mockumentary’ Costa del Sol: the last Brits standing was not only negative… but it was plain wrong.

New stats show that, in fact, the British expat community is not only growing in size again, but has been for over a year.

In fact, we officially number 276,000 here and are the second fastest growing nationality in Spain.

So much for heading home.

For one hour, we watched the Brits and Spaniards wage war in a contrived, out-dated report that was, at times, stranger than fiction.

We hope that the good to come out of this film is the outraged reaction from anyone with first-hand experience of living in Spain, fortifying Anglo Hispanic relationships rather than deteriorating them.

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  1. It is such a shame that the television seems to want to bash those of us that chose to live here in Spain and heaven forbid that we should want to work, as someone who works here, pays into the system and who wishes to integrate into the Spanish culture, programs like this makes it appear that we are something that most of us are not. Having seen the style of television programs that are being churned out as quality viewing, I for one would not participate in having my business ruined and dragged through the dirt just to make some producer somewhere who clearly hates expats and all they stand for feel vindicated for what ever their problem was.

  2. With the BBC involved, what do you expect? They are renowned for their political posturing and are constantly under fire with accusations of bias.

  3. I have not seen the documentary but love the Costa del Sol. I suggest those who have seen it make strong complaints to the BBC. Perhaps they could at least follow up with a more balanced and positive show.

  4. Richard, the BBC are incapable of being balanced, that is why they get so many complaints. They need a radical shake up from the top down if they are to shed their Biased Broadcasting Corporation name tag and reputation.

  5. I agree the BBC is biased on all sorts of topics and programmes including Question Time etc but one things for certain it is not half as biased as the ridiculous Channel 4’s programmes which constantly talk up certain overseas property markets especially Spain’s, such as ‘A Place in The Sun’ who, by the way, generally omit small matters of exorbitant property transaction costs, bank charges and remittance fees to and from Spain, and ‘your views will never be spoilt because it’s a green area in front of you’ lies by agents.

  6. Saw a place in the Sun yesterday. Based in Mar Menor area. The Presenter told a couple that they could install a pool for about 10,000. Don’t know if that was pounds or euros but sounds a bit cheap to me. Years ago installation was around 25,000. Perhaps it was bath size! Programme was dated Sept. 2014 so not really out of date.

  7. Lots displaying (without realising it, or maybe they do) their political bias here – I’ll bet they all just love Murdock Speak aka Sky News, now that really is a piece of biased crap.

    Until around 1975 the Med coast of Spain was lovely, not nearly as beautiful as the NW but still lots of small fishing villages with excellent local cuisine. I went back in 2002 and was appalled at the destruction of both the coast and the local cuisines – gone forever.

  8. Drive along the Amalie coast in Italy or the Corniche from Nice and everything is more or less the same as it was in the old thirties photos. Not so with the Costas, totally unrecognisable.