Over two-thirds of Spanish bosses justify corruption, says new report

A massive 69% of Spanish managers ‘justify corruption’

LAST UPDATED: 26 May, 2015 @ 21:50

MOST Spanish managers justify bribery and corruption to generate profit, according to a new report.

A massive 69% of managers ‘justify corruption’, placing Spain as the third most corrupt country in the European Union, behind only Portugal and Greece.

The figure is almost double the average for Western Europe, where 35% of bosses admit to corrupt behaviour.

The Danes are the most honest bosses, with only 4% of Denmark’s executives putting profit before ethics.


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  1. No wonder Spain has such a dodgy reputation in business including property matters. To admit that 69% of managers justify corruption is staggering, what about those who didn’t want to admit to it?

    Coupled with many British wide boys and girls with no estate agency experience who are happy to tuck up their countryfolk, naive and trusting property purchasers don’t stand a chance.