Poet Lorca named one of seven most important Spaniards in contemporary history

Fuentes Vaqueros receives award for Lorca's selection to list of seven top Spaniards

LAST UPDATED: 15 Jul, 2015 @ 13:25

FEDERICO Garcia Lorca has been chosen as one of the seven Spanish wonders of the world in an online poll.

Federico Garcia Lorca
Federico Garcia Lorca

The seven men chosen as the most important Spaniards in contemporary history will be honoured through the distribution of awards to each of their birthplaces.

Lorca, Spain’s most popular poet, joins Severo Ochoa, Pablo Picasso, Santiago Bernabeu, Placido Domingo, Santiago Ramon y Cajal and Isaac Peral on the list, Determined by popular vote through the website www.7españoles.es

The mayor of Granada village Fuente Vaqueros, of which Lorca is the most famous resident, will accept the award on his behalf in a ceremony taking place today.

These seven influential men were selected from a group of 20 finalists ranging from Salvador Dalí to Manolo Blahnik, but including just one women.

The contest concludes with an electronically released book of photographs by Mexican photographer Elssie Ansareo, documenting her journey through their birthplaces, which include Luarca, Málaga, Almansa, Madrid, Petilla de Aragon and Cartagena alongside Fuente Vaqueros.


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  1. Not before time. A wonderful writer whose abominable murder by an abominable regime served only to catapult Spain and its ‘government’ to the head of one of the most despicable regimes of the time.

  2. About time. He was a wonderful poet and writer who was abominably murdered by an abominable regime whose actions catapulted Spain into the top echelons of despicability.